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Referral Process

The Referral Process

In order for us to assess you we need you to send us the following information;

  • A completed medical health questionnaire
  • A copy of a recent CT, or MRI scan
  • A small payment to Cancer ablation UK. We do need to charge for this service as the Initial assessment must be undertaken by Dr's Breen and McGill in person

Full details are given below.

Referrals can either be made via your cancer specialist or directly. Your specialist's knowledge of ablation may vary depending on where you live.

Self directed referral

Step one - Enter your details here to make a referral. Once your details have been submitted  you will receive an electronic general health questionnaire to complete and some further instructions.

Step two - ­ After filling in the questionnaire we will need you to post a copy of your recent imaging (within 6 months) and consultation payment. If you do not have Imaging within 6 months let us know and we can arrange for this to be done. The scans and the questionnaire form the basis of the first consultation. Ablation must be technically feasible and this depends on the exact location of the tumour. Ablation is sometimes possible when open surgery is not and vice versa.

Step three - ­ You will receive written confirmation as to whether or not ablation can be carried out. At this point we will also inform your cancer specialist, and your GP that treatment is feasible.

Step four - You may be asked to attend for pre-assessment. This is dependent on the scans and your general health. A Blood test and ECG may be required and some MRSA swabs taken. You may need to see Dr David Breen, Dr Neil McGill and the specialist nurse. If so we will arrange these at the same visit.

Step five - ­ A date for ablation will be made to suit you with the expectation that you will be fit for discharge the following morning.
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Referral via your specialist

Ask your specialist about Cancer Ablation today. As stated earlier the professional awareness of ablation is variable depending on where you live. Do not be afraid to direct your specialist to

Upon receipt of a referral letter with imaging we will be in contact with you to direct you to an electronic general health questionnaire. We will then offer you an appointment as soon as possible.


Cancer Ablation UK is an organisation looking to provide services at appropriate cost and no more. Our initial assessment fee is £200. We will be looking at your scans and general health to assess feasibility. You will receive a response from us within 10 working days. This fee is non refundable but you will receive your imaging by return of post.

Once we have approved you for treatment we will be contacting you with an estimation of treatment costs. We will be happy to discuss this with your insurance company if you have one. Alternatively we have worked hard with Spire Southampton to provide attractive fixed price packages.

For more information email us