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My name is Malcolm and I am 62 years old. As a patient diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in 2009 that spread to the liver followed by prolonged chemotherapy, radiotherapy, portal vein embolisation, anterior resection of the bowel and half the liver being removed, (Aug/Oct 2010) a further course of chemo followed as a routine follow up procedure. There followed a period of a few months without treatment and a further ct scan detected a spot on the liver and two nodules on the lung (Aug 2011).....At this point I was advised that as the cancer had spread to the lung, then there was little they could do, and a course of irinotecan palative chemo would follow to keep the cancer at bay....pretty bad news to say the least. However, the intervention of RFA on the liver in October 2011 at another hospital proved to be quite successful and 70% of the liver spot was removed.

The emergence of the technique microwave ablation has been a god send to me as a non invasive option to both open surgery and key hole.

After admittance to Southampton University Hospital the new procedure was carried out successfully with the removal of the liver residual cancer spot and the successful blast of the two liver nodules.

This gives me extreme confidence in this innovative technique. I was admitted on the Sunday, the op was done in the ct wing first thing on the Monday morning, and I was out and home by 6 on the Tuesday evening! A brilliant result with a first rate team led by Dr Breen at the hospital. I even went dancing on Thursday afternoon, just waltzes and foxtrots! As a trumpet player, my lungs mean a great deal, and I am reassured that my lungs are just fine and should not impede my lifestyle in any way.

So, the prognosos appears to be far, far better through this medically ground breaking technique in cancer care than I could ever have imagined.