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International Enquiries

International Enquiries

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Welcome to Cancer Ablation UK. At CAUK we have several of the world's best cancer ablation experts.

Dr David Breen Is Europe’s leading voice in Kidney cryoablation. Professor Afshin Gangi is Europe’s leading voice in Bone cryoablation. Professor Damian Greene is the UK’s most experienced operator in Prostate cryoablation. Dr Manit Arya and Dr Charles Peebles are both internationally renowned.

CAUK can assist you if you are thinking of travelling for your treatment. We currently have 4 centres of treatment at Southampton, London, Newcastle and Strasbourg. The city depends on which specialist you require. We can arrange you're pick up from any of the UK's major airports and we can assist in finding the right hotel.

Procedures usually require an overnight stay at the Spire Southampton Hospital. We would recommend that you do not fly for 48 hours after the procedure.

Most of clients are travelling simply to get the best treatment. However we are aware that in some countries these procedures can incur significant costs. Based on the information you give us we can offer a fixed price quotation.

For further information please contact us now and a member of our team will be in touch with you within 48 hours