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David Breen's data from Kidney Cryoablation is published in the October 2013 edtion of BJU Intertational. 

Cancer Research UK Sponsorted CONSERVE Trial nears completion.

Dr Breen and the team at University of Newcastle awarded national grant by the Health Technology Assessment branch of the National Institutes of Health Research to look at ablation versus imaging surveillance for small renal tumours.

Alice Grebot wrote on the benefits of minimally invasive, image-guided cryoablation of renal tumours. She went on to discuss the treatment of a young single mother with kidney cancer who declined surgery because of child care issues. Dr Breen treated her with a successful and complete treatment at the University Hospital of Southampton a year ago.

David Breen gave the keynote lecture to the long-standing and esteemed Japanese Society of Low Temperature Medicine…”Renal Cryoablation: Bringing Precision to Interventional Oncology”. This important Asian group of Physicians, Biologists and Engineers have been leaders in Cryobiology applications since the early 1960’s.In Tokyo recently David Breen shared results and techniques with this experienced group.

CIRSE(Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe) holds its annual meeting in September each year and is the world’s largest gathering of interventional radiologists who are developing minimally invasive medical techniques to reduce costs and complications whilst bringing effective new therapies into practice. David Breen lectured once again this year at the meeting on the topics of microwave and cryoablation in liver and kidney cancer and to other physicians about starting up a hospital service.

The growth in interventional techniques for cancer alongside traditional surgical, radiotherapy and chemotherapy is stimulating worldwide debate and technical developments. The ECIO (European Conference on Interventional Oncology) meeting is the premier forum for these techniques and again this year David Breen presented on developments in microwave ablation in liver disease and cryoablation for kidney cancer.

Image guidance is critical to best outcomes in the growing field of Interventional Oncology. David Breen both moderated and gave a keynote speech at an industrial symposium on guidance technologies in Dehli. Key developments both evolving and now being released are probe guidance technologies and 3D image-based planning software.

The National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence states that Microwave ablation can be offered routinely to people with liver metastases. It also offers advice on what patients may want to ask their doctor and reviews the evidence for how well the procedure works. NHS patients are therefore eligible for treatment, but must be referred through normal NHS channels ( from GP to local specialist). For more information visit and