Cancer Ablation UK

Welcome to Cancer ablation UK (CAUK). CAUK is a partnership of Europe's leading experts in ablation. We have some of the most experienced and published specialists in Europe who are regarded as the pioneers Of European Interventional Oncology. We are the number one referral site for NHS, self paying and international clients seeking ablation of small volume tumours of the Kidney, Prostate, Lung, Liver and Bone.

Ablation is a new non surgical alternative treatment for certain cancers. It has advantages over standard keyhole surgery in that it is incisionless, meaning patients return to their normal lives much quicker.

CAUK uses state of the art cryoablation and the newer microwave techniques that have superseded radio frequency ablation (RFA) in the treatment of certain small volume cancers. Using freezing therapy or heat energy we can achieve truly minimally invasive cancer eradication.