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C. A. Wood

Following the discovery of a 1.4 cm Tumour on my left Kidney during an ultra-sound performed at a private hospital in Harrow, Middlesex, my Urologist, Mr T. Rosenbaum, referred me to Dr. David Breen (Consultant Radiologist) at Southampton Spire Hospital. 

After an Ultra-sound and consultation  at the Spire on June 8,  during which the procedure was fully explained to me by Dr. Breen,   arrangements were made for me to be admitted on July 5 and the procedure to be carried out on July 6th.

On the 6th July about 10 am I was taken to the CT scanner room and given a general anaesthetic, returning to my room about 11.30am. I had excellent care from Dr David Breen and from Dr Neil McGill (Consultant Anaesthetist). The Nursing Care was excellent from the Spire. I was also visited that afternoon by the Consultant Urologist at the Hospital to check on things. Within three hours of the procedure I was back in my night wear and walking slowly up and down the corridor feeling virtually normal.

I was allowed to go home the following morning (7th), feeling a little tired but otherwise fine. I rested for a couple of days and then was back at my desk working - part time for a couple of days - then full time thereafter.

Two weeks later on July 20 I returned to see Dr Breen for a CT Scan and he advised me afterwards that the treatment had been a complete success and the tumour had gone.

I am due to have a follow-up CT scan in December 2012.

I would strongly recommend this treatment for Kidney tumours that are under 3.5cm. It was virtually painless and  had minimal disruption  to one`s  life schedule. Also, the Hospital stay was so short, and had a much lower cost, compared with that required for a full Kidney operation.