Other Cancers We Treat

Adrenal Ablation

David Breen has experience of Adrenal ablation and has the largest published series in the UK. Results are good but treatments require extensive pre operative planning. We therefore ask that you discuss with your referring doctors this option before contacting us. 

Breast cryoablation

This treatment is still regarded as experimental. Initial suggestions are cosmetic appearances are improved compared with surgery.   

Soft tissue ablation

We have combined experience in treating soft tissue tumours but have undertaken these on a case by case basis. Please discuss with your oncologist the merits of ablation over surgery.


Usually treated by surgical resection. Again we have combined experience of treating metastatic spread in a number of different organs. Please discuss with your oncologist.


In a select few patients with Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer (LAPC) we now are able to offer IRE ablation in Southampton. All referrals for this must come through your Oncologist.

What we cannot treat

Brain tumours or any tumours that have spread to cause fluid in the abdomen or chest. As a rule ablation is not suitable if tumours are numerous or of a size that is too big (>6cm in diameter).